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About Us at NorDogs Saint Bernard’s

Proud to Announce We have Puppies Available! See then on Available for Sale Saint Bernard’s Page and then got to our Page called Application to Buy Puppy after going over the page to see about get one! We look Forwar to hearing from you!

NorDogs 2013 PuppyAs stated before we are proud Owners, Handlers, Trainers, AKC Exhibitors, and Breeders of the Nobel Saint Bernard. We strive for exhalents in appearance, behavior, Physical health, mental Health, and temperament. We love our Saint Bernard almost as much as our kids. We Breed on a limited bases and only do breedings that are for the betterment of the breed.

A Little About Us and Our home at NorDogs Nor Acers. Placed in the country in the foothills of the Appalachian Mount range in the Eastern part of Tennessee. We live on a small farm, we grow produce, we have chickens, and a pound with ducks. We have two dogs that are not Saint Bernard’s. My First AKC Show dog, Ashlee, A Standard Poodle, she enjoys a life of retirement and loves to out run the Saint Bernard in play. Ashlee the Standard Poodle is an old lady and spayed, but still loves to mother Saint puppies when they are around, although they out grow her fast. Our Other Dog is a WolfDog that adores my husband and loves the kids, she is less social with the Saints, but we love her anyway. Kids and dogs spend their days in the Woods and fields around our home living life to the fullest and growing healthy in fresh air and sun shine. We AKC Show our Saint Bernard’s and dream of one day having a Champion of our vary own. We work and associate with other Saint Bernard owners that have and have had a number of champions. A number of our Saints are Champion Sired and have a number of champions in their lines. We at NorDogs have pointed our Saints but we have yet to finish one out to Champion. The Coast To Champion a Saint Bernard and the Health testing is vary high. We put the health testing first and make sure our Saints are Healthy. It takes a great deal of money in travel, Hotels, and show fees to Champion a Saint Bernard. I hope this helps you to get to know a little about us and we invite you to come and see our Saint Bernard’s at our home and get to know us better. 


We live in Anderson County in the in rural Powell, Tennessee. Feel free to e-mail us at NotDogs@Hotmail.com or call us at 865.945.7063