Dog Breeding the Truth!

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By: Elisabeth Norman

Why is it, in our society advertising puppies, has become a big no-no? If we don’t advertise our puppies how are people going to know where to find us and our quality puppies. As a breeder and true Saint Bernard fancier / enthuses that truly cares for our breed I have tried my best to carefully breed them for high end quality, that fits the standards for showing and the best of health. I believe we all need to strive to find the best pet homes for our puppies that do not fit into breeding programs for one reason or another. If we don’t let people know when we have these puppies then People looking to buy will end up with, sadly enough, poorly bred back-yard or puppy milled mongrels masquerading as our beloved Saints.

It is hard work to breed a quality litter of Saint Bernard puppies or any breed of dog for that mater and then only end up being able to sell to people we already know or who are in our circle of friends. Only selling to the few that know where to find us and in short swapping in and among ourselves as breeders. Causing the breeders, and true preservers of the breed financial devastation in that they can not support and maintain the Saint Bernard breed. I can not count the many good breeders in this breed, and many others, that have been lost due to the fact that they could not maintain their breeding programs due to insufficient funds. The economy is just not what it was! Every thing coast more, yet no one wants to pay for anything, they just want it all for nothing! Panting breeders as bad guys because they want money for puppies like it is a sin. When breeders put a small fortune in them most often an amount that no one could ever pay for a pup.

NorDogs AmadeusPeople need to open their minds and think about this vicious circle we are in! True breeders are not the bad guy’s and the world we live in should not paint them with the same brush as puppy millers and back yard breeders! When you do a search for Saint Bernard puppies on the Internet you will find all kinds of sites but you will not find the sites for the breeder programs with the AKC and most importantly the site for the SBCA (Saint Bernard Club of America). The truly good breeders are listed in places like these, yet these places are not easily accessed.  Most often if these breeders do not have any puppies they can point you to the most reputable up and coming breeders that they are acquainted with that may have a puppy for you. These are the people that truly care for the breed and breed their dogs to preserve it. They are also the ones hit the hardest by the trend of bashing breeding. Sadly the bad breeders still sell their pups while good breeder suffers. The sad truth is good breeders are hard to find on other sites in and amongst the adds of puppy millers and backyard breeders.

If you advertise it dose not make you a, puppy miller, or ignorant back yard breeder. Advertising also dose not mean you have to, or will, sell to every one that calls or want one of your puppies or dogs. Breeders can and must still choose the best homes for their pups and turn people away that they just don’t find a good fit for their puppy. It should be more acceptable for breeder to run ads and do advertising for their breeding programs and kennels. Our society should also push for it to be acceptable for people to learn to wait and plain for the acquiring of their next pet. People should not get a pet of any kind let alone a Saint Bernard Puppy on the spur of the moment or as an impulse buy. If people planned for a pet and waited like you do when you find you are going to have a baby in the family we may even see a decline in back yard breeders out to make a quick buck and puppy millers how don’t care for the commitment of establishing a re-pore and relationship with prospective buyers. Breeders should still always do proper screening of all prospective buyers, but this may be a way to further support or breed and the breeders of it. Buy also need to help and do their research before they get a puppy so they do not support a puppy miller of back yard breeder. Just remember you get what you pay for!!puppygirls

Also remember many reputable breeders have rescues or are part of rescue groups and can point you towards a dog of that kind if you want. Some times it can be better for a first time Saint Bernard owners to try their hand with an older animal so they can get a better idea of what owning a Saint Bernard is all about.