Nordogs 2013


  1. The only reason to breed any purebred Saint Bernard is to preserve the best qualities of the lines and the breed. Breeding to supply any market is not a justification or ethical.


  1. I do all my breeding with the best interests of the Saint Bernard breed in mind. Never my pocket book.


  1. I strive to be a serious student of the Saint Bernard breed and have devote years of my life to it.


  1. I will always consider myself a beginner I am continually engrossing myself in the breed as much as possible and turn to my mentors to learn more all the time.


  1. I show and compete with my Saint Bernard’s as much as I can.


  1. I keep track of all puppies I produce to the best of my ability, I hate losing track of how puppies are doing and growing. It is vital whether pet or show, to know how my breeding program is working.


  1. All My pet dogs are sold already spayed/neuter.


  1. All my show puppies go on a contract that they will not be allowed to breed unless the dog lives up to the quality intended and passes all health checks. If a prospective breeder does not want to do this, then I am sorry but they will have to mess with someone else’s dogs not mine!!   Frankly, I will not let my Saints got to any one I don’t know or unless some one I know and trust will vouch for them.


  1. As a breeder I help with rescue when ever I can.


  1. I am always prepared to take back any dog I have bred for whatever reason. I will make the space; I am prepared to make arrangements for the rest of the dog’s life. I will always take a dog I have breed back and find them a new home or provide them with one as I see fit!


What people need to understand is that there is a lot more too breeding dogs than what meets the eye; I breed to produce a quality type and temperament. I would love to talk Saints with you.  Call me at 865-945-7063 or e-mail me at